Royal Feast (2022)

Royal Feast (2022)

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Other name: 尚食 Shang Shi Imperial Cuisine
Set during the Ming dynasty during the rule of Yongle Emperor, it tells the story of a young girl named Yao Zijin, who entered the palace to become a maid of the food bureau. In the deep palace, she remains determined and slowly work her way up while perfecting her craft, while friendship and romance at the same time. Through her romantic entanglement with Zhu Zhanji, the drama also showcases the historical achievements and family life of three outstanding emperors of the Ming Dynasty, portraying a gourmet Forbidden City full of rich family affection, friendship, love and humanity.
Original Network: Mango TV, Hunan TV,
Director: Wang Wei [王威]
Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Released: 2022
Genre: Drama, Food, Friendship, Romance,



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